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  1. Colegota El Villano ('s status on Saturday, 21-Jul-2018 19:04:05 CEST Colegota El Villano Colegota El Villano
    @dansup in a way, yes, in a decentralized and federated network  anyone can join it. But... bear in mind that many people that came here (1) was due our disagree with that companies and people you invite to come.

    And because free networks are made not just for developers but also a lot of contributors and just users, we don't like the idea that build tools for they.

    I'm enough old to remember when there was no much people in Internet and some prophets start to guess that it will be better when companies came here.
    Now we have just a dozen of Internet companies that believes they own Internet... and maybe they are right.

    Anyway, @mmn did not said who can came to !fediverse and who not. Just who he/we don't like and for who don't want to work.

    (1) At least in !gnusocial I think most people are here to escape for that companies and people you invited in your previous status, maybe not so clear in Mastodon. Just understand our reaction. :)