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  1. Colegota El Villano ('s status on Monday, 21-Jan-2019 07:36:53 CET Colegota El Villano Colegota El Villano
    @diogo I understand your reasons, even I did last summer. But you ask for my opinion, ;) so mine it's that "at the tanks never came our people". :)

    Also agree that GS needs more developers, but maybe first we need it's to unblock it. More than a year or two without maintenance nor development and seems it will not change.
    At the other side, more or less a year ago we were waiting for past GSoC hopping time to AP federation, but mostly time to start develop and maintenance again. One year later we are again waiting for GSoC. :)

    I probably miss something and I don't know the reasons, but the fact it seems this project wants to be abandoned at first by GNU/FSF.

    In the meantime, thanks again for your efforts! Please, keep helping GS in the way you consider.

    cc/ @mmn